Scholarships as they are updated.

I will make an effort to include any scholarship opportunities that we receive as they occur. For the most accurate and up to date information, the student should stay in contact with the guidance office.

Multiple Applications This link contains applications for Florida Society Colonial Dames XVII Century – Norma T McGuire Native American Scholarship; Neva Mitchell-Mildred Leckrone & Shirley Richardson Blow ROTC Scholarships; Anne Massey General Scholarship; Franklin/Gulf Retired Educators Association (F/GREA) Scholarship;

Knights of Pythias:

Knights of Pythias Scholarship Information

Knights of Pythias Application Form

Junior Service League:

2018 Junior Service League Scholarship Program

2018 Junior Service League Scholarship Application

The following scholarship applications are available in the next link. Simply click on the link. When the package opens, it is 16 pages in length. Go to the page you want and click inside that page. When you click to print and your print options box opens, simply click on Current Page Only if you do not want to print the entire package:
Norman C. Buchert Scholarship for Engineering and Math; J. Lamar Faison Memorial Scholarship Fund; Methodist Church Care Closet Scholarship; B. Walter Wilder; Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship for Future Educators; Rotary Scholarship; PACE 379 Scholarship; Linda Lewis Wright Memorial Scholarship; Bryce Nelson Memorial Scholarship; Margaret Key Biggs Memorial Scholarship;

Second Batch of Applications

Delta Kappa Gamma

Delta Kappa Gamma is offering a $250.00 Delta Epsilon Grant-in-Aid to a senior student who is planning to enter the teaching profession.   The scholarship guidelines and an application are included in the packet.  Feel free to duplicate extra guidelines and applications if necessary.  The applications must be returned by April 15, 2018. Application packet can be downloaded by clicking this link:

delta kappa gamma scholarship2018

Gulf County Sheriff’s Office

GCSO Charities Scholarship Cover Page 2018
2018 GCSO Charities Scholarship Form

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